NFT Art to Help Homeless

Homeless Help

Homeless Help is a Non-Profit Org.

All Donations to this Organization

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NFT Art to Help Homeless


Buy NFT Art for Homeless Here


I was involved in Crypto and Bitcoin from almost the start.

I was injured in 2016, all income cut off, assets sold to try to live with no disability or food assistance for the first two years and unable to work.

How long could most people survive after an injury leaves them unable to work?

Almost two years after I was injured and had liquidate any crypto I had, Bitcoin went to $20,000 a coin.

It then crashed.

Recently, Bitcoin and Ethereum went to ATH’s (All Time Highs). It then dropped over 50%.

I have great hope for crypto helping all homeless people.

First is the NFT Art movement. I have a famous artist friend SOLLOG who created the logo for this site. He has made it an NFT Art Token. He wanted to mint it as a 1/1Million work.

Instead we decided to offer it as a rare 1/1000 work.

His 1/1 NFT Art Tokens are sold to crypto funds for Millions.

His NFT Art Tokens for this project should help a lot of homeless people.

He mints them on the Ethereum block chain with the value of 1 ETH or around $3000. I sell them for a  $1000 donation on this site.

The problem with NFT Art Tokens are they cost money to mint. So a portion will go to ETH gas fees which can be more than the $1000 donation if done the wrong way. SOLLOG has a special account that allows him to mint his NFT Art Tokens at a reasonable fee, so it should be very profitable.

However, the vast majority of people don’t own crypto, don’t have crypto wallets that store NFT Art Tokens in them.

If this is you, download a FREE NFT Wallet, the top one is

Then use a credit card to buy the SOLLOG NFT Art Token on this site.

SOLLOG will mint your NFT Art Token for 1 ETH value on the Ethereum Block Chain and transfer it to your MetaMask Crypto Wallet address.

Instantly it will show in your wallet and on the top NFT Art Markets like Opensea and Rariable with a MAKE OFFER on the NFT Art Token.

The minimum donation is $1000 to get the 1 ETH valued NFT from SOLLOG.

It’s worth almost three times that.

Thank you SOLLOG for helping me and my project.

The second crypto hope is a FREE Social Crypto. It is called fracti.

It takes an hour of use of the fracti Network to generate a few hundred a day on the Network.

The coin is not like other crypto, it’s infinite and stable pegged to the US Dollar. It buys items in the fracti store. Books, Music and Movies. Homeless people with internet access on a phone or library can use the downloads.

The big hope is there are assets in the store worth a lot of money. Domain Names and NFT Art Tokens.

There’s a famous work of Art by SOLLOG in the fracti store. His Proof of God work the Creator Formula. He issued 1 Million for the project which are given away for $3000 fracti .

Right now you get that much fracti for joining like an air drop works, early adopters of the coin get easy coins.

So anyone including homeless people can get $3000 fracti and buy the famous SOLLOG NFT.

It should become the most famous work of Art in history.

Or, you can HODL the coin and when one of the 400 crypto exchanges stakes fracti to trade with the 10,000 other crypto coin projects they trade you can easily exchange fracti then for Bitcoin or Ethereum and into fiat or cash.

Since anyone can earn $3000 joining the Network, the coin has potential once they stop giving away so much. Or, if you use the Network and accumulate $300 a day you will have tens of thousands in a short time and that is a nice number for investors to buy in one shot if they want to buy higher prices items like Domain Names and NFT Art Tokens that are already for sale in the fracti store.

I like it, since I can earn it on my phone laying in bed. No stress or pain on my back.

Once it is listed on an exchange I can trade it into fiat and not be homeless as will many others homeless people who are accumulating it.

Crypto is a way out of homelessness if you find a new project to get cheap or free tokens with.

There’s a lot of homeless people entitled to stimulus checks who didn’t have a way to get a check or deposit.

I got my stimulus, it all went to routine maintenance on my 21 year old car/home.


Homeless Help

Homeless Help is a Non-Profit Org.

All Donations to this Organization

Are charitable Donations