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Homeless Help is a Non-Profit Org.

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My Story


I live in Broward County in Florida in the United States.

I am Homeless.

I am disabled on disability.

I am a senior well over 55 in my 60’s.

The government pays me only $790 a month to live on.

There is no housing for this amount of money in SFL where a studio rents for $1200 month.


Before the pandemic I had a PT gig paying me to do remote Internet Marketing work in an Industry I used to run a internet company in. Due to my disability, this minor PT gig was about the extent of my ability to work at that time, PT less than 2 hours a day, after 15 minutes of work, my back seizes up due to damage to 13 discs I suffered in 2016.

The company I was doing work for closed

The industry we serviced closed.

That is why I could not pay my rent, I was truly impacted by Covid.

I had a lease.

I filled out a CDC Form.

I shouldn’t be homeless, at least not until the CDC lifts their NO EVICTIONS MANDATE.

But an evil judge in Broward ignored my lease and CDC Form and evicted me in April of 2021.


The landlord turned off my utilities in October 2020.

That is illegal in Florida. He is now liable for damages for his actions.

The landlord sent people to physically threaten me. The police were called numerous times, they did nothing.

I had my first heart attack because of all his harassment in November of 2020, I now have a lawsuit on the landlord. Lawyers do not want to help a homeless person, so I am doing it prose.


Due to my accident in 2016, that left me disabled, I have 13 damaged discs in my back, 10 spinal impingements and 5 herniated discs as well as a torn rotator cuff. I am in horrific pain all day. I cannot sit at a computer terminal to do a job I did for 40 years. So I have been classified as less than sedentary work ability by the SSA.

I have a large insurance case. I am prose on that as well.

No money yet, just time and energy suing over negligence. The odds of a prose litigant winning against a big insurer like Nationwide is miniscule, Nationwide is pure evil, they won’t pay the $50,000 in medical bills I have that ruined my credit. The case is in limbo due to my heart attack and my doctor saying I cannot do the stress of hearings until my heart is healed, which may be never.


In my case on the landlord, the landlord is liable for damages I sustained when he illegally turned off my utilities, that being a massive heart attack that further disabled me. I take nitro all day to survive until I have a heart operation.

His lawyers lie in court.

They said no lease even though there’s a copy on file in case.

They said no CDC form even though copy is in the case.


I will be blogging about my plight being homeless.

Also, about the myriad of people I meet who are also homeless.

We are out here, an army of people the government is neglecting.

We need help.

Many are disabled.

Many are vets.

Many have serious mental health issues.

The system has failed us.

Will you help?

Homeless Help

Homeless Help is a Non-Profit Org.

All Donations to this Organization

Are charitable Donations