My Homeless Bed

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My Homeless Bed


It’s June 6th 2021 my 44th Day being homeless.

It’s 8pm and the heat index is 91 degrees. Luckily there’s a beautiful breeze and for a few hours resting with my legs elevated on a pillow due to diabetic and congestive heart failure edema in my ankles, I can enjoy a break in this sauna of a swamp that is South Florida.

My bed is better than what I slept on three years in a roach infested efficiency in Lauderdale by the Sea.

My bed in my 21 year old SUV is memory foam, so it’s easier on my back than the horrible mattress I slept on for three years.

My poor son is mentally disabled, he was staying with me for almost half a year sleeping on this mattress on the floor of my efficiency.

He has mental disabilities and was involved with his high school girlfriend a few years doing every drug there is.

He lived with me until my injury, then went to live with his mother a crack addict drunk.

Under my care he was straight A’s and member of ROTC who was awarded a rare Purple Heart Leadership award.

After my accident he got lost in drugs and living under his worthless mother’s care.

He died from a heroin overdose in 2019. He now has brain damage, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia, he hears voices and hallucinates.

He was stable living in my efficiency, he lost it after we got evicted. He went to the street panhandling for beer money. He went into detox, came out, went back to streets got brutally beaten and is back in my car.

He usually sleeps on my mattress during the day while I park in the shade and try to do a little work in libraries.

I have a decent laptop.

I have a hot spot on my phone.

I pay for internet still to keep a good wifi plan active.

I’m trying to restart my old company but keep it small, design landing pages for companies that get a high response ratio, with videos I create.

But I can’t do telemarketing in libraries.

So it’s emailing which never works.

I invested a little money into some solid industry keywords in .help TLD as well as .chat and .limited.

Not much, it’s $10-$30 bucks a name to register then a friend I did work for years ago let’s me host them.

Eventually a name should sell for $5000 to $50,000 they are that good.

The .com version of my spec names would all sell for mega millions.

These could appraise for $100k to $1Million USD but until someone buys them they are an expense.

But over the decades I did well in domain speculation, but it takes hours a day trying to reach end users.

Since I can rarely work on my computer in a library sitting more than 15 or 20 minutes a day without getting chest pains from the constant back pain I have, it’s less than an hour now I can put into marketing.

My son has tried to kill himself many times, he’s been committed to psyche wards many times, but his mother won’t give him shelter, I’m all he has, hopefully he will get disability soon for his schizophrenia and brain damage.

He’s sober 3 weeks now, so it’s tough two in a car. He’s up most of the night on his phone I pay for. Using the internet, listening to music, watching videos and movies.

He’s content to do nothing, he was homeless with his girlfriend for two years, so he’s used to doing nothing all day.

He freaks out around people , so he can’t work.

This is my view as I lay on my mattress in 91 degree hit at 8pm in the evening.

We have a nice shaded spot in an industrial area.

It’s empty from 7pm to 7am, so for now it’s our spot our mobile home spot.

This is the view tonight from my homeless bed in my car.


My Homeless Car Bed View
My Homeless Car Bed View


This is weather .com at 8pm showing a 91 degree heat index.


Weather .com Heat Index
Weather .com Heat Index

There will be no break in heat tonight 80 and above.

It’s not even summer.


Heat all night long
Heat all night long

Homeless Help

Homeless Help is a Non-Profit Org.

All Donations to this Organization

Are charitable Donations



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